Vermont Code Camp 2010 Presentation Materials

Julie Lerman and her team have once again put on a terrific event at the 2010 Vermont Code Camp. The host team’s terrific hospitality as well as the great facilities provided by the University of Vermont made this an extremely enjoyable event to attend and present at.

I have uploaded the content from my talk – Introduction to Windows Phone 7 Development with Silverlight – and the content can be found here (Slideshare link here). The uploaded content includes:

  • Presentation slides, which include the reference links I mentioned during the talk
  • An interactive pdf of the outline I prepared for the talk (Acrobat Reader may be required)
  • The sample application, with notes added to locate the key concepts that were discussed

The demo code was prepared with the Beta version of the Windows Phone Developer Tools – there may be breaking changes as later versions come out.


2 thoughts on “Vermont Code Camp 2010 Presentation Materials

  1. Thanks for posting your slides to SlideShare! Would you mind also adding the “vtcc2” (and “vtcodecamp” too, if you want) tag to your presentation so that we can see the Vermont Code Camp presentations all in one place? Thanks again!

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