Visual Studio 2010 Tips & Tricks

Visual Studio is a great tool for developing code for the Microsoft technology stack. There are other players out there, but so far, Visual Studio is the king of the road. Most of the developers I know spend the majority of their time working in Visual Studio in one way or another. However, like many productivity applications that have been around for as long as Visual Studio has, the list of commands tends to have grown much larger than many people actually realize.

Up until recently, Microsoft’s Sara Ford had been publishing a daily “Visual Studio Tips & Tricks” Blog target at Visual Studio 2008. She was even able to put together a book of these tips, the profits of which were used for Hurricane Katrina relief in Mississippi. Recently, Sara has passed the mantle on to her Microsoft colleague Zain Naboulsi, who publishes his daily tips here.

While Zain’s tips focus on Visual Studio 2010, he has been good enough to be sure to call out which ones are also applicable to earlier versions of Visual Studio.

There’s also a Visual Studio 2010 Extension that will put the tips right into your Visual Studio Start Page.




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