I’m Off to PDC (or Contracting Encephalitis)

I’m off to this year’s PDC event in Los Angeles. From the logo, it looks like attending this conference will result in horrific brain swelling. It’ll be several days of immersion into the latest and upcoming Microsoft development stack. This year, I’m particularly interested in Silverlight, SharePoint 14/2010, Azure, and what’s new in parallelism. I’m also looking forward to being able to engage with representatives from JetBrains, DevExpress, and RedGate (especially in regards to the exciting new things they are doing with Reflector Pro!) to discuss their productivity tools and their inclusion in Visual Studio 2010.

I’ll be at the MSDev Booth on Wednesday from 12-12:45 as part of the Partner program, basically to let people know of my and Burntsand’s success stories with the Microsoft tools and products.


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