New England VB Professionals Presentation Overview

I had another chance to get in front of a User Group – this time the New England Visual Basic Professionals to discuss Silverlight for Business. I changed up the presentation a bit, removing the discussion of Authentication and Membership and replacing it with a quick discussion/overview of .Net RIA Services. It also was my first opportunity to show some of the new features and tools available in the recently-released Silverlight 3.

I have posted the latest version of the presentation slides, code, and “script.” As usual, the script is an interactive PDF version of the mind-map that I use, and it includes hyperlinks to the references for the pertinent topics covered in the presentation. To use it, start at 1:00 and work through the topics in a clockwise rotation. The content is available here.

I went through a lot of research material getting ready for this presentation, and I will be updating and organizing the Silverlight Research section of my SkyDrive storage area to reflect that over the next couple of days.

Many thanks to NEVB’s Andrew Novick, as well as Dean Serrentino and Teresa DeLuca from the New England ASP.NET Professionals User Group for their help and hospitality.


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