NH.Net User Group Presentation Overview

I have to say that I had an absolute blast presenting at the NH .Net User Group last night. It was a good crowd that seemed genuinely interested in the topic and threw up some good questions. I only angered the “demo gods” once, but was able to dig out and keep to my plan for what I wanted to cover in the presentation. With the 2 hour format, I was actually able to cover more ground than I had elsewhere, stating with a bit of “Hello World” and running all the way through authentication and the HTML Bridge.

I have posted the latest version of the presentation slides, code, and “script.” As usual, the script is an interactive PDF version of the mind-map that I use, and it includes hyperlinks to the references for the pertinent topics covered in the presentation. To use it, start at 1:00 and work through the topics in a clockwise rotation. The content is available here.

My one glitch occurred during the Authentication segment – to date the most fragile piece of the whole event. I got aggressive and uncommented too much out of the web.config too early. The result was that I had set things up for Forms Authentication, with Anonymous access disabled. When I went to add the web service reference from the Silverlight Client project, the tool failed to obtain information about the service (because it was trying to request information from the server anonymously.) Once I commented out the anonymous restriction and recompiled, things were working fine.

Now it is time to set things up for Silverlight 3 – I hope to do something at the upcoming Connecticut Code Camp on June 13, which is likely to be my next presentation opportunity.

Many thanks to the audience and especially to Pat Tormey who runs the NH group.



1 thought on “NH.Net User Group Presentation Overview

  1. Thnaks John,
    Great job
    Your’s is the first time sombody showed me the Business advantage of SL

    Clearly NOW is the time to get on the Silverlight bandwagon. Or at least start learning it.

    Pat Tormey

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