More from Silverlight at Boston Code Camp

I received a request from one of the attendees at my presentation to pass along some information about an upcoming online Silverlight course being offered as of next week and figured I would pass it along (friendly faces in an audience are priceless.) His request follows:  

 Mr. Garland,
    I have some information on an online Silverlight 2 course that will start in a week. I’m hoping you’ll consider posting this information on your site, since you’re a presenter and blogger on Silverlight 2. I attended your presentation at Code Camp 11.
    The course is offered by Foothill College, a state college in Los Altos Hills, California :

    The course is CAST 80, “SELECTED TOPICS IN SOFTWARE APPLICATIONS”. The special topic will be Silverlight (2). On this page, select “Computers & Software Training (CAST)”, then select the “Spring 2009” quarter, and click the Search button :

    Here is more information on this course (listed by its former number CIS 19S). One of the books that will be used is Matthew MacDonald’s “Pro Silverlight 2 in C# 2008”. I have this book, and it’s excellent :

    Note that prospective students must first be “accepted” by Foothill before they can register for courses. Luckily, this can be done purely online, given that you answer the questions correctly, as I’ve done. Follow the “Foothill Application for Admission” at the top of the left column :

    This course is 4 credits. The cost for outside-of-California students is $128 per credit (quite reasonable). There is also a fixed cost of $42.50 in various fees.

    The class starts April 6th, and lasts 12 weeks. The minimum enrollment for this class to proceed is 20 students (on-campus and online, total) at one week before the course begins. Presently, there are only 10 students enrolled, including myself. I’m hoping that you will post the information in this email so that students with an interest in Silverlight will have the opportunity to take this course.

    I can supply you with the email address of the instructor, Calvin Schrotenboer, if you wish. I appreciate any assistance you can provide in publicizing this course. Thank you very much.


                                             James Trela


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