New Hampshire Code Camp

Wow have I been bad about (not) posting here. I just did the NH Code Camp yesterday (Saturday.) The event went very well, especially so considering it was the first one put on by Pat Tormey and the NH .Net User Group.

I gave 2 presentations – a refined version of the “Writing Custom Admin Consoles with .Net and MMC 3.0″ that I debuted at the last Boston .Net code camp, as well as a premiere version of a Silverlight 2.0 for business applications presentation. The first one had a whopping audience of 3 (one of whom was there because he was presenting in the same room after me), but the Silverlight presentation had a full room. I ran a bit long with the SL presentation, and my configuration for the ASP.Net membership service blew up, but overall I think it went OK (I still need to get the review sheets to know for certain.) I will likely be revising & reprising the Silverlight presentation next month at Boston.Net’s next code camp.

Unfortunately, I was not able to get my presentations up today, but I will be putting them up through the week (weather/shoveling permitting.) In the meantime, I keep my public presentation materials on my SkyDrive here.


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