CodeCamp 10 Presentations Online

Yesterday I gave my aforementioned presentations at the New England Code Camp. Overall, things went well, especially considering this was my first public speaking opportunity. My presentations did run a bit long, and I had to omit some things I had originally wanted to go over. From my own notes, some one-on-one feedback, and some of the review sheets (which were quite positive…thanks!), I plan to make some changes to the presentations in the hopes that they will flow a little faster and hopefully we can concentrate more on the content and less on my ability to type in an audience setting.

I am taking 2 approaches to publishing the presentation content. First, the raw slide decks and Visual Studio solutions have been published (links below.) Then, over the next few days, I will both augment the code so that the key points are called out (more comments, etc.) as well as write some posts dedicated to covering some of the details in a more conversational format.

Because WordPress is a little flaky when it comes to how files are stored, I am storing the content in some publicly accessible SkyDrive folders. The PowerPoint slide decks are written in PowerPoint 2007, and the source code projects are Visual Studio 2008 projects. (For Office 2003 & Office XP users, some compatibility information is available here.)

C++/CLI Presentation Content

MMC Presentation Content

Many thanks to my 2 audiences and for the congratulations and well-wishes I received. I definitely plan do this again – only better.


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