Where I Lay My Head is

With all due respect to Metallica…

Okay…time for the big announcement. A few weeks ago XOS Technologies and I parted company. This ended a 10-year run in a very narrow vertical market – aimed at Sports Video and Analysis technology. Actually, it goes a little longer than that, as prior to being a member of the Engineering team (at Avid Sports,) I was actually a customer at both the University of Florida and the University of Illinois.

I have accepted new employment out of the Waltham office of Burntsand, and begin tomorrow (September 3.) I will be joining Burntsand as a Senior Consultant, and I believe that my first engagement with them will be as a subcontractor under Microsoft Consulting Services for a New England client. Burntsand is a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner and a leader in business consulting and technology services.

For me, this is a phenomenal opportunity, and I am excited to the point of being downright giddy. Obviously, I have been in one market for a long 10 years (albeit with very different companies through that period, including Avid Sports, Pinnacle Systems, and XOS Technologies.) This opportunity should give me, over time, the chance to be exposed to several other markets. Also, I often participate in regional development events, and many of the speakers who have impressed me through the years have themselves been employed by Consulting Firms – I am getting a chance to walk in good footsteps. The relationship with Microsoft was also a big draw for me. Along with this, they have a practice of actively encouraging certifications and career development…why not get acknowledgement for what I do on my own time anyway? Finally, the people there have been top-notch. At XOS, we had been engaged with Burntsand for several months now, and overall I have been impressed by the guys I’ve had a chance to collaborate with.

So now it is time for a new adventure. I’ll keep folks posted as to how things go. It should be fun…


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