Where I Lay My Head is – Part 2

Here we go again…

Once again it is time for me to make a professional change. To that end, I have left Burntsand Consulting in order to pursue another opportunity. In my (almost) 2 years at Burntsand I learned a lot about consulting as well as how other companies operate. There were facets of software development I didn’t previously know existed, and have been fortunate to have worked with good people while I was discovering new worlds outside of the Sports Technology field. I find myself again leaving behind many good friends and taking with me some wonderful memories.

That being said, I am very excited to be able to say that I have joined Wintellect’s consulting group as a Senior Consultant. Once again I have found my way to a phenomenal opportunity. I have a long-held deep respect for the people at Wintellect, and meeting them in person has only served to confirm those thoughts. These are some intelligent, creative, and passionate developers who excel at their craft and have built up a top-notch reputation in the industry – I am quite fortunate to count myself among their ranks.

Along with the great people, Wintellect and its members have shown that they share my commitment to participating in the development community, and have a great tradition therein, including publishing books and articles, participation in community events, and even production of the Devscovery conference.

So it is time for another new adventure. As always, I plan to keep folks posted as to how things go. It WILL be fun…


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