NH Code Camp Presentations – MMC 3.0 Development with .Net

OK…having shoveled and shoveled and shoveled out of today’s snowstorm, I can finally turn my attention to putting these presentations online. I’m going to start with the MMC Presentation in one shot, then do the Silverlight Presentation as a series of updates.

The focus of the presentation was using the MMC 3.0 API exposed in the Windows SDK to do what is pictured below – write content such as an administration tool and integrate it in a way that makes it look integrated into the Windows Shell.

Quite often, server-side components end up being managed through some hastily written application that is installed with as little integration as a presence in the Start Menu and perhaps a shortcut on the desktop.

So anyway, the presentation slides are here (I use SkyDrive for these because WordPress is not the best for file storage and retrieval):

Slides and Script


Not that I use Mindjet MindManager for my presentation prep, which is where I keep my scripts. The output animated PDF reads much the same as the original…start at 12:00 and read clockwise around. The little “paper” icons are the topic notes – which house the text.



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